Course Curriculum

  • 01
    Getting Started
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    • How to Navigate
  • 02
    Module 1: Orientation
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    • Module Introduction
    • Welcome from Dr. Jack
    • EXERCISE: Your Commitment
    • Your Commitment Statement
    • EXERCISE: Introduce Yourself
  • 03
    Module 2: Getting a Handle on Your Stress
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    • Module Introduction
    • Life & Work Stressors
    • EXERCISE: Stress Level Survey
    • Major Life Changes
    • EXERCISE: Recent Life Change Questionnaire
    • Lowering Your RLCQ Score
    • EXERCISE: Discussion & Live Call
    • Mind-Body Connection
    • EXERCISE: Stress Mastery Action Plan, Part 1
  • 04
    Module 3: Uncovering with Your Beliefs & Patterns
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    • Module Introduction
    • Beliefs & Patterns
    • EXERCISE: Discussion & Live Call
    • Impostor Fear and Inner Critic
    • Negative Self-Talk Patterns
    • EXERCISE: Thinking Pattern Worksheet
    • Stress-Prone Personalities
    • EXERCISE: Type-A Personality Checklist
    • EXERCISE: People Pleasing Personality Checklist
    • PRACTICE: Counter Steps
    • EXERCISE: Live Call
  • 05
    Module 4: Creating a Champion Mindset
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    • Module Introduction
    • The A-B-C-D-E Model
    • EXERCISE: TPW with Rebuttal Responses
    • David's Success Story
    • EXERCISE: Champion Mindset Strategies
    • Thought-Stopping Technique
    • Calm-Breathing Technique
    • Write-It-Down Technique
    • Worry-Time Technique
    • Make a Contract with Yourself Technique
    • Mental Toughness Technique
    • EXERCISE: Stress Mastery Action Plan, Part 2
    • EXERCISE: Discussion & Live Call
  • 06
    Module 5: Building a Resilient Life
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    • Module Introduction
    • What is Resiliency?
    • EXERCISE: Discussion
    • Increase Joy & Happiness
    • 3Cs of Stress Hardiness
    • EXERCISE: Goal Setting
    • EXERCISE: Positive Affirmations
    • Danny's Success Story
    • EXERCISE: Stress Mastery Action Plan, Part 3
    • EXERCISE: Live Call
  • 07
    Module 6: Selecting and Retaining Ideal Clients
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    • Module Introduction
    • Toxic Clients
    • Eliminated Toxic Clients
    • Matt's Success Story
    • Facts about Female Clients
    • Powerful Communication Skill for Winners
    • EXERCISE: Stress Mastery Action Plan, Part 4
    • EXERCISE: Discussion
    • Course Summary
  • Dr. Jack Singer


    As a professional psychologist, Dr. Jack Singer has spent 33 years teaching Professional, Olympic and World Champion athletes how to be successful through developing the mindset of a champion. In 2008 he was invited to design a stress mastery video series for the Australian Financial Advisors Association and that was a pivot turning point in his career. In researching the financial services career fields, Dr. Jack decided to teach the same game-changing skills to financial professionals that he so successfully taught to elite athletes. Dr. Jack combines his sense of humor and professional experience to teach audiences how they can consistently bounce back from adversity, perform at their best under the most challenging circumstances, unlock their true potential, master their stress and supercharge their performance.Dr. Jack is a frequent guest on CNN, Fox Sports, ESPN, and the Glen Beck Show. He is the author of more than 185 articles in Financial, Business, Sports and Psychology periodicals and is the author of four books. He has served on the faculties of six universities, including an Assistant Professorship at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

    Dr. Jack Singer

    Psycghologist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Trainer

    Dr. Jack Singer