Copy of How to Quickly Develop and Maintain a Champion’s Mindset

Actionable Skills for Financial Professionals | taught by Dr. Jack Singer
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Dr. Jack Singer
Dr. Jack Singer
Psycghologist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Trainer

About the Instructor

As a professional psychologist, Dr. Jack Singer has spent 33 years teaching Professional, Olympic and World Champion athletes how to be successful through developing the mindset of a champion.

In 2008 he was invited to design a stress mastery video series for the Australian Financial Advisors Association and that was a pivot turning point in his career. In researching the financial services career fields, Dr. Jack decided to teach the same game-changing skills to financial professionals that he so successfully taught to elite athletes.

Dr. Jack combines his sense of humor and professional experience to teach audiences how they can consistently bounce back from adversity, perform at their best under the most challenging circumstances, unlock their true potential, master their stress and supercharge their performance.

Dr. Jack is a frequent guest on CNN, Fox Sports, ESPN, and the Glen Beck Show. He is the author of more than 185 articles in Financial, Business, Sports and Psychology periodicals and is the author of four books. He has served on the faculties of six universities, including an Assistant Professorship at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

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Program Description

This program for financial professionals. It will teach you the scientifically-proven secrets to overcome the psychological obstacles that get in the way of producing your best, consistently.

Everyone is gifted, but most people don’t ever 'unwrap' those gifts because of the mental and emotional obstacles, often unconscious, that get in their way, including fear of failure, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, lack of confidence, etc.

In order to release your untapped potential, you will learn how to recognize the self-limiting belief patterns that have prevented this potential from surfacing and move on to develop a champion mindset.

As you can imagine, world class athletes have learned how to recognize the triggers that set off stress and how to manage them. In this program, you will learn exactly how to do that, thus building a major component of the champion’s mindset.

Once you understand where you job-related stress, fears and anxiety come from, and you realize that you have the power to make significant changes in how you react to those stressors, etc., you can pivot both your career and life.

This will lead to more success attracting and retaining clients, building more financial success, and experiencing a happier and joyful life. 

This program offers research-based mindset skills that elite athletes use to perform their best consistently. In essence, it will teach you to understand and nourish specific MINDSET traits that world-class performers develop for turning average performance into great performance.

In the program, you will...

  • recognize the exact source of your stress
  • get a handle on any stress that comes your way
  • develop the skillset of a champion mindset
  • build a resilient life, and
  • select and retain ideal clients

Features & Benefits

PLUS! One-on One Coaching w/Dr. Jack Singer

You'll receive three (3) 45-minute private coaching sessions with Dr. Jack Singer!


Course Contents

9 Videos
2 Surveys
43 Texts
4 PDFs
4 Audios
15.0 hrs

Course Curriculum